Drum Shot Blasting Machines at Sinto America’s Test Center

Author:  The Shot Peener Staff
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 33, Issue 3, Summer 2019
Doc ID:  2019034
Year of Publication:  2019
Sinto America ’s Surface Treatment Test Center, a design and engineering operation for customer-specific applications, is located at our Grand Ledge, Michigan facility. Sinto’s test center is equipped with our large and small drum blast machines along with spinner hangers, table blast and tumble blast. “The facility includes full-scale shot blasting machines to test your parts as opposed to a machine that will “simulate” the results. This allows the customer to decide what application best fits their needs,” said Todd Breault, Vice President Surface Treatment. Sinto’s drum blast machines allow for faster, safer and cleaner finishing. They feature powerful, centrifugal blast wheels that have been used in thousands of applications worldwide. The hydraulic loader on the drum blast machines minimizes breakage and damage to the parts with smooth and reliable loading. The core of these machines are a one-piece manganese drum, available in 3- to 35-cubic-foot capacities.

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