Shot Peening and Thermal Spray Coatings: Complementary Surface Treatments

Author:  Harolton Alexander and Dave Breuer
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 34, Issue 2, Spring 2020
Doc ID:  2020015
Year of Publication:  2020
Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies (CWST) is a subsidiary of Curtiss-Wright (NYSE: CW). CWST performs surface treatments and technical services to high-performance OEM parts and their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. The footprint of CWST consists of 65 job shops located in 16 countries including 40 shot peening locations. CWST offerings to industry are as follows. • Shot and Laser Peening • Peen Forming and Distortion Correction • Super Finishing and Non-Destructive Testing • Solid Film Lubricant and Liquid Coatings • Thermal Spray Coatings • Parylene Conformal Coatings • Material Testing Services

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