On-Site Shot Peening Considerations and Variations

Author:  Dave Breuer, Director of Sales, North America - CWST
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 35, Issue 1, Winter 2021
Doc ID:  2021004
Year of Publication:  2021
LARGE PARTS FAIL in fatigue for the same reason as small parts. Hundreds of thousands to millions of load cycles cause surface cracks to initiate and grow. Cracks commonly originate at changes in surface geometry with some applications having an added corrosive element (stress corrosion cracking). When parts have large dimensions, significant weight, or are installed on foundations, it is not practical to ship to a shot peening job shop. On-site shot peening is an excellent solution for these situations and is available in several forms to meet customer requirements. Some common on-site applications include aircraft, welded structures, power plants, refineries, and other processing facilities.

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