Application of shot peening to enhance precipitation hardening effect in aluminium alloys

Author:  Libor Trškoa, Michal Jamborb, Ivo Šulákb, Sara Bagherifardc, Mario Guaglianoc, Otakar Bokůvkaa a Research Centre of the University of Zilina,, Zilina, Slovak Republic – [email protected], [email protected] b Institute
Source:  ICSP14 Milan
Doc ID:  2022057
Year of Publication:  2022
Positive effect of the severe shot peening (SSP) on the fatigue properties of Aluminum alloys, especially in the very high cycle fatigue region was proved in many studies [1-4]. Improvement of the fatigue properties is achieved by a combination of several factors, however the most significant can be considered to be surface hardening due to the severe plastic deformation. The mechanism which causes the hardening of the material is accumulation of lattice defects by the intensive plastic deformation. Besides the material strength, also other material properties are affected by the number of lattice defects and in case of aluminum alloys, lattice defects play important role in formation of precipitates during age-hardening, thus this arises a question, if the SSP can be used to induce pre-aging plastic deformation to enhance precipitation of strengthening phases.

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