The RotoFlapMaster

Author:  sentenso |
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 37, Issue 3, Summer 2023
Doc ID:  2023024
Year of Publication:  2023
Professionals performing mobile Rotary Flap Peening can benefit greatly from the ergonomic and easy-to-use angled handpiece of the RotoFlapMaster. Designed to provide increased comfort, improved control, and enhanced safety, it provides a smoother and more efficient working experience. The angled handpiece is fully compatible with the RotoFlapMaster control unit, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to upgrade their peening process. Applications Today’s applications of Roto Flap Peening go beyond the well-known repair processes on aircrafts. Aerospace components, as well as large energy sector parts, can be peened easily without free-flying spherical media. The condition for a reliable process, above all, is accurate control of the flap speed. Having a well-engineered, intuitive tool simplifies the process and ensures it can be done correctly and safely.

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