Airless Machines for Peening of Coil Springs

Author:  MecShot Blasting Equipment PVT. LTD. |
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 38, Issue 2, Spring 2024
Doc ID:  2024016
Year of Publication:  2024
MECSHOT, a well-known name for more than 32 years in the field of surface preparation machines, has set new trends by manufacturing custom-built shot blasting and shot peening machines—both air-operated and airless machines. MecShot machines are not only cost competitive but also have low operative cost. Springs, which are used in rail or automotive industry, are constantly exposed to torsion and compressive loading which causes material fatigue and consequently breakage. To prevent this failure, shot peening is a well-established process that ensures higher strength of the material and prolongs its service life. Research shows that springs subjected to shot peening increases the life of springs up to 10 times.

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