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September 18-21, 2017
Montreal, Canada

Martin Levesque ICSP 12 Chairperson

Professor Martin Lévesque
Conference Chairperson

The 13th International Conference is quickly approaching. The conference, hosted by École Polytechnique de Montréal, will share the latest research on shot peening and related processes, and foster exchanges between academic and industrial scientists. The conference committee has sought papers on beneficial residual stresses, traditional shot peening, deep rolling, ultrasonic peening, needle peening, flapper peening, cavitation peening, and micro-peening.

In addition to the presentation of the research papers, the conference will feature four keynote presentations by leading world-class experts in shot peening. The keynote speakers are Dr. Nihad Ben Salah, Professor Yukui Gao, Professor Michael R. Hill, and Professor Mario Guagliano. The keynote speakers will provide background information (basic constitutive equations, specific experimental aspects, etc.), current critical topics and results, and future research trends.

The conference will be held at the Hotel Delta Montreal in downtown Montreal. Montreal is a lively cosmopolitan city where more than 50 languages are fluently spoken. Its old town is typical of a French colonial city whereas its center host Victorian style buildings. Its city center is renowned for its gastronomy, shopping and nightlife. The city hosts numerous artistic and historical museums, as well as contemporary attractions. The average temperature for this period of the year is around 15°C (59 °F). Montreal will offer a unique experience that both the conference attendees and their accompanying persons will enjoy and remember.