Spring 2019 Fatigue Design and Evaluation Committee Meeting

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
SAE Cobo Center [Rooms 116 A&B] 1 Washington Blvd, Detroit, Michigan
Registration: http://www.fatigue.org/next-meeting

The group’s semi-annual meeting will be held the day before the WCX presentations on April 9th at the COBO center in Detroit. The meeting will only be a half-day with an optional presenter dry run session in the afternoon.

Download the Meeting Agenda here.

A Current Fatigue Design & Evaluation Committee Project
The Total Life Project is an effort by the FD&E committee to validate (or not) a potential “Total Fatigue Life Prediction Improved Practice.”

The committee has purchased (4) 20ft A36 HR bars for the purpose of evaluating new and existing methods of determining total fatigue life (initiation + propagation). Fatigue tests were performed on hourglass specimens from the purchased steel to determine the strain-life properties and the cyclic stress-strain curve. Crack growth tests were performed on compact tension specimens made from the purchased steel to determine the crack growth properties.

The majority of the steel has been focused on two types of T-specimens: welded and machined.  Rectangular steel blanks were welded into the geometry shown on the left below. Other specimens were then machined into the same geometry as measured on a representative welded specimen, shown on the right below. Therefore, parent and welded samples of the same material and the same geometry are available for fatigue testing and comparison so that the effect of the welding process might be recognized.