Aerospace Auditing: A World of Opportunity

Nadcap is an industry-managed approach to conformity assessment that brings together technical experts from both industry and government to establish requirements for accreditation, accredit aerospace suppliers and define operational program requirements. This results in a standardized approach to quality assurance and a reduction in redundant auditing throughout the aerospace industry.

One of the technical areas audited by Nadcap is surface enhancement which includes shot peening, peen forming, glass bead peening, computer controlled peening, automated peening, flapper peening and manual peening. There are currently 288 aerospace companies accredited by Nadcap for surface enhancement from 31 countries around the world. Thirty percent of the accredited companies are based in the USA, followed by China at 11%, Japan at 10%, Italy at 6% and the UK and Canada at 5%. Across all the technical areas audited by Nadcap, approximately 6,000 audits are conducted each year around the world.
As a result, Nadcap auditors travel the world to witness the processing of aerospace parts, contributing their expertise and enhancing their own knowledge through the experience. This means there is no need to relocate and the costs associated with traveling to conduct the audits are covered. Nadcap Auditor Chee Soon Lum conducts Nadcap audits for surface enhancement as well as chemical processing, heat treating and non-conventional machining. He has been a Nadcap auditor since 2004. He explains why he got involved and the benefits he enjoys as a Nadcap auditor.

“Following my employment with Sundstrand, I was attracted to Nadcap because the nature of the work was similar, but more in-depth. I like the flexibility of developing my own schedule. I would recommend becoming a Nadcap auditor to anyone who is dedicated to the aerospace industry.

“It is a rewarding experience working with a world-class aerospace organization that strives for competitive excellence. I enjoy the work and feel that PRI’s services are of enormous value to the aerospace industry. Working as a Nadcap auditor, I am continually learning about new technology in my field and it also allows me the opportunity to experience different cultures.”
George Hayes, another multidisciplinary Nadcap auditor adds: “My career was spent at the Naval Air Weapons Center at China Lake, California starting in 1957 until I retired as Director of the Materials Test Laboratory in 1992. After retirement I was looking for a way to keep mentally sharp and up to date on emerging technologies, and to continue my involvement in the aerospace industry.

“I was also looking for the possibility to do some travelling. These interests are what attracted me to being a Nadcap auditor. I have the flexibility to choose when to audit and to determine if I want to avail myself of the opportunity to travel and see other cultures. The time as an auditor allows me to stay involved in my career field and to keep in contact with people in the same profession.”

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