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  • Effects Of Shot Peening On Fatigue Of Ti-6a1-4v Powder Compacts
  • Year: 1984, Source: Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p.181-193)
  • The effects of shot peening on fatigue of both blended elemental and prealloyed Ti-6A1-4V powder compacts were studied. Low intensity (6N and 12N) shot peening was not successful in closing surface p...

  • Effects Of Multiple Shot Peening/cadmium Plating Cycles On High Strength Steel
  • Year: 1982, Source: Metcut Research Assoc., Inc.
  • A study was made of the effects of multiple shot-peening and Cd plating operations on high-strength AISI 4340 steel used in aircraft landing-gear applications. No detrimental effects were observed on...

  • The Influence Of Shot Peening On Surface Integrity Of Some Machined Aerospace Materials
  • Year: 1981, Source: Conf Proc: ICSP-1, (p.287-294)
  • Variations in machining parameters that are employed in traditional and nontraditional metal cutting operations can have a profound effect on surface characteristics such as microstructure, residual s...

  • Verification Of Production Hole Quality
  • Year: 1977, Source: Tech. Rep: AFML-TR-77-185
  • Definitive surface integrity information identifying and ranking the importance of hole quality variables on the performance of tapered interference fit fasteners has been developed. This report summ...

  • A Review Of Measuring Methods For Surface Integrity
  • Year: 1972, Source: Annals of the CIRP, Vol. 21/2 1972, p. 219-238
  • Within recent years, on a worldwide basis, designers and manufacturers of critical and highly stressed structural components have been engaged in a serious reassessment of the pronounced influence of ...

  • Fatigue Crack Initiation In Surface Ground Ti-6a1-4v
  • Year: 1953, Source: Metcut Research Assoc.
  • An experimental study was conducted to determine the effects of surface grinding practice on fatigue of Ti-6A1-4V. Variations in fatigue strength as great as 5:1 were experienced as a result of chang...

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John Cammett

Dr. Cammett received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Metallurgical Engineering from Ohio State University and his PhD in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. A Registered Professional Engineer, he is a fellow of ASTM, past Chairman of Committee E-9 on Fatigue, past Chairman and life member of ASM International, and a member of the International Scientific Committee for Shot Peening.

In recognition for his contributions to the advancement of shot peening, Dr. Cammett was honored as Shot Peener of the Year in 2006 at the 16th annual Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning Workshop.

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