“Shaping the Aerospace Workforce of the Future” Conference

Aerospace Factory Worker www.shotpeener.comThe Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (London)
June 21, 2018
2.30pm – 5.30pm

There is no charge for this special event.

Join Honeywell, Rolls Royce, UTC Aerospace, Abaris Training, and other leading aerospace manufacturers, airlines, training providers, technical experts, government organizations and regulators for this unique conference and networking event.

Charles Parker, Honeywell: “This is the first event I’m aware of to focus on the future of the aerospace special process workforce. I am looking forward to talking through the issues with others from the industry and from academia to see how we can go forward together.”

This is a free event taking place at The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (London) on June 21, 2018 (2.30pm – 5.30pm). Registration is now open. Register online at goo.gl/67txH5 or contact Hannah Godfrey at [email protected] or via telephone at +44 (0)870 350 5011.

Addressing A Challenging Situation
There is a critical shortfall of qualified special process personnel in the aerospace industry, as well as a skills gap created by an increasingly globalised workforce. This has increased pressure on all organisations to reduce the time required to train new personnel and ensure they achieve adequate standards of competency at all levels.

Mark Binfield, UTC Aerospace: “For those not yet involved in this area, this is a great opportunity to network and learn about how the industry intends to utilize the framework of eQualified to address the difficulties we all face with the recruitment, training and qualification of aerospace special process personnel.”

Be Part of the Solution
Richard Blyth, Rolls Royce: “eQualified represents a way to safeguard and improve our training and qualifications, which ultimately impact on the future success of our organisations as a whole. Everyone who participates will be contributing to a legacy of helping future generations with aerospace process quality.”

The industry has joined together to create eQualified, a special process personnel qualification program. Using the combined technical expertise of the participating organizations, eQualified:

  • Develops free special process Bodies of Knowledge: documents which capture the knowledge and skills required by personnel operating in specific special process areas.
  • Validates personnel competency through theoretical and practical assessments.
  • Approves training providers to deliver technical courses aligned with the Bodies of Knowledge.

About eQuaLified
eQuaLified is a global industry-managed system for qualifying special process aerospace personnel. eQuaLified leverages the combined knowledge of aerospace industry experts to develop and maintain special process Bodies of Knowledge (baseline knowledge and experience required to be considered competent for a target position) and examinations, which form the desired global aerospace industry standard for special process activities.

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