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The 5th China National Conference and International Seminar on Shot Peening Technologies and The 2nd China National Conference on Abrasives and Shot Media

Shot Peening Conference in China

4th Annual Shot Peening Conference

The 5th China National Conference and International Seminar on Shot Peening Technologies and the 2nd China National Conference on Abrasives and Shot Media will be held in Shanghai, China from June 11th to 14th, 2018. The conference organizers are Scientific Committees of Shot Peening Technology, Abrasives and Shot Media, and Residual Stress, Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering. The conference hosts are Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Liangshi IntelRobot Technology Co., Ltd. The organizing committee sincerely invites experts, scholars, engineers and technicians from various industries, colleges, universities and research institutions, domestic and abroad, to submit a thesis, make a presentation, and participate in the conference.

This conference mainly focuses on shot peening technologies as applied in key equipment and critical components. Topics include (but not limited to) following aspects: (1) Conventional stress strengthening technologies such as shot peening and shot blasting, ultrasonic peening, grinding and rolling; (2) New surface strengthening technologies such as laser peening, liquid shot peening and composite shot peening; (3) Residual stress fields induced by shot peening and characterization of deformed structure; (4) Influence of shot peening on fatigue properties and stress corrosion resistance; (5) Shot peening forming technologies; (6) Theoretical analysis and digital simulation of shot peening process; (7) Shot peening strengthening and failure prevention of mechanical parts; (8) Advanced shot peening equipment and their applications; (9) New abrasives and shot media and their applications; (10) Residual stress analysis and measurement technologies.

In the conference, experts and scholars from both foreign and domestic institutions will present their latest researches, applications and key technical issues of shot peening. The conference will also include practical shot peening technology training workshops (with certificates) as well as a display of shot peening equipment, abrasives and shot media, and testing instruments along with experts available to answer questions.

During the conference, a plenary committee meeting will be held and some adjustments for the scientific committees will be conducted. We highly recommend all committee members and senior members to attend the meeting.

In order to obtain exact number of participants, please send an email to Lianbo Wang at [email protected]. The content of the email should include: name of participant, professional title, name of organization/institution/company, thesis title, physical address, zip code, phone number and email address. Details on the conference agenda, registration fees, traffic routes and accommodations will be announced in the second announcement in late April 2018.

4th Annual Shot Peening Conference

4th Annual Shot Peening Conference