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  • Press Plate Having Textured Surface Formed by Simultaneous Shot Peening
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,596,912
  • Shot peening with a mixture of at least two sized of shot can be used to obtain a textured finish press plate with desireable gloss features. The press plate is impacted with a mixture of shot having...

  • Apparatus for Controlled Vacuuming of High Density Abrasive Blast Media
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,595,461
  • A density controller provides for a continuous proportionalte mixing of particles with a conveying airstram of a vacuum generator, which includes a hose having an intake nozzle end and an exhaust end....

  • Arrangement for Ball Shot Peening Helical Compression Springs
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,591,066
  • A shotpeening machine for helical compression springs. It comprises a spring-peening chamber accommodating shot impelling rotors, mechanisms for accommodating and tensioning the springs, and mechanis...

  • Blasting Apparatus and Method for Blast Cleaning a Solid Surface
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,591,064
  • Blast cleaning with at least two types of abrasives employing a blasting apparatus having at least a first and a second closed blasting pot connected to a conveying line and the conveying line and eac...

  • Aluminum Surface Treatment
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,590,703
  • A method for removing a surface layer from a solidified body of metal at an elevated temperature to remove surface defects therefrom. The method comprises providing a solidified body having a surface...

  • Anti-Gravity Blast Cleaning
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,702,289
  • A shot peening method and apparatus emables low intensity peening at a velocity which is equal to or less than the minimum velocity required to assure conveyance of the media through the transport hos...

  • Shot Peening Method
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,592,841
  • A method and apparatus for controlling a shot peening operation includes the measurement of pressures at two different points in a compound gas shot peening system. By comparing these pressure levels...

  • Optical Spray Paint Optimization System and Method
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,598,972
  • An optical spray paint optimization system can be removably mounted to a spray paint gun, thus enhancing the ability of the user to guide the direction of the sparay and also locate the nozzle at an i...

  • Method for Measuring and Extending the Service Life of Fatigue-Limited Metal Components
  • Year: 1996, Source: US Patent 5,490,195
  • Improved methods for managing a population of metal components subject to fatigue failure are provided. The residual compressive stress in the critical surfaces of such components, especially in areas...

  • Method of Increasing the Fatigue Life and/or Reducing Stress Concentration Cracking of Coiled Metal Tubing
  • Year: 1996, Source: US Patent 5,515,707
  • A method of increasing the fatigue life and/or reducing stress corrosion cracking of metal coiled tubing made from a continuous length of strip material by shot peening one or both sides of the strip ...

  • Shot Peened Golf Club Head
  • Year: 1996, Source: US Patent 5,487,543
  • Metallic golf club heads are improved by a treatment which involves shot peening the exposed ball striking surface of the metal head without creating any noticeable change in appearance of the head. A...

  • Method for Calibrating a Densitometer Based Sensor for Shot Peening
  • Year: 1996, Source: US Patent 5,654,496
  • An apparatus and method are provided for calibrating a densitometer based sensor for measuring the linear density of the shot particles passing through a shot peening system to ensure that mass flow r...

  • Impact Shielding Device for Shot Blasting Chambers
  • Year: 1996, Source: US Patent 5,669,806
  • A shielding device for shot blasting or shot peening chambers comprising a shot retention chamber, preferably with multiple interior compartments formed by divider walls, which retains a protective la...

  • Adhesive Tape Covered Laser Shock Peening
  • Year: 1996, Source: US Patent 5,674,329
  • A method of laser shock peening a metallic part by firing a laser on a laser shock peening surface of the part which has been adhesively covered by a tape having an alblative medium, preferably self a...

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