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  • Processing System for Increasing the Quality of a Gear and a Barreling Apparatus Usable in the Same
  • Year: 2001, Source: US Patent 6,315,646 B1
  • A processing system for increasing the quality of a gear having a shot peening apparatus for subjecting, to shot peening, a gear after tooth-forming and surface hardening; a barreling apparatus positi...

  • Stabilizer for Motor Vehicle
  • Year: 2001, Source: US Patent 6,311,965 B1
  • Stabilizer (1) for motor vehicles which has a toroidal cross section, and which is formed of several stabilizer sections that, together, create a U-shape having a pair of U-legs (2) connected by a U-b...

  • Dual Intensity Peening and Aluminum-Bronze Wear Coating Surface Enhancement
  • Year: 2001, Source: US Patent 6,267,558 B1
  • An article and a method for improving an article that results in a reduction or elimination of damage due to fretting from contact of similar metals. The invention specifically reduces wear-related fr...

  • High-Strength Valve Spring and It's Manufacturing Method
  • Year: 2001, Source: US Patent 6,224,686 B1
  • The high-strength valve spring uses, as the material, a steel containing 0.5-0.8% C, 1.2-2.5 wt % Si, 0.4-0.8 wt % Mn, 0.7-1.0 wt % Cr, balance Fe and inevitable impurities, where, in the inevitable i...

  • Method and Apparatus for Peening
  • Year: 2001, Source: US Patent 6,189,356 B1
  • A mask for masking a corner of a metal component during peening. The component has a first surface defining an opening in the component and a second surface intersecting the first surface of the compo...

  • Median Blasting Apparatus And Method
  • Year: 2001, Source: US Patent 6,238,268 B1
  • An improved method and apparatus for media blasting a workpiece 20 is described. The media blasting apparatus 10 of the present invention includes a media reclaim and recycle system 35, which reduces ...

  • Method of Calibrating Gages Used In Measuring Intensity of Shot Blasting
  • Year: 2001, Source: US Patent 6,289,713 B1
  • A method for calibrating a gage for measuring shot blast intensity having an indication mounted on a platform adjusts the calibration of the indicator to compensate for variations of positioning of th...

  • Process for Increasing the Lifespan of Dental Components
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,012,316
  • With a view to increasing the lifespan of metallic dental components as regards fatigue fractures, compressive stresses are introduced into the surface layer of these components, such as by means of s...

  • Ceramic Dispersion Plating Process
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,156,377
  • ABSTRACT Provided is a low-priced metal coating, treatment which causes less pollution, wherein the dispersion of ceramics and the forming of a metal coat are performed by blasting treatment; and a c...

  • Hardened Metal Product Produced by Shot Peening with Shot Having High Hardness
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,153,023
  • A method for shot peening a hard metal product that has a hardened surface. The method includes projecting shot on the hardened surface of the hard metal product. The ratio of the Vickers hardness of ...

  • Method and Apparatus for Calibrating a Densitometer Based Sensor for Shot Peening
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,142,027
  • An apparatus and method are provided for calibrating a densitometer based sensor for measuring the linear density of the shot particles passing through a shot peening system to ensure that mass flow r...

  • Method and Apparatus for Highly Strengthening Metal Member
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,099,391
  • A mixture of water and glass beads is ejected to a root of a gear which has been cut to form gear teeth. The glass beads are oriented so as to be ejected to the root, and the glass beads and the water...

  • Trowel Having Imposed Blade Stresses and Method of Manufacture
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,032,320
  • A trowel and related method of manufacture in which residual stresses are intentionally imposed upon the bottom working surface and/or the top mounting surface of a trowel blade. Stresses can be impos...

  • Manufacturing Method of Valve Spring Superior in Durability
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,027,577
  • In a manufacturing method of a valve spring, a coiled valve spring made of an oil-tempered wire is applied with nitriding treatment and is supported to be rotated about its center axis. During a shot ...

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