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  • Peen Finishing
  • Year: 2013, Source: US Patent 8,453,305
  • The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for processing a metallic gear comprising providing a gear, directing a first peening media at the metallic gear thereby exposing a pluralit...

  • Process of Durability Improvement of Gear Tooth Flank Surface
  • Year: 2011, Source: US Patent 8,062,094
  • Pinion gears for planetary gear transmissions are hobbed, heat treated, and then ground to get better control of the leads/profiles on all the gear teeth. Then a light shot peening is applied to the t...

  • Preparation of an Article Surface Having a Surface Compressive Texture
  • Year: 2011, Source: US Patent 8,024,846
  • A method for preparing a surface includes providing an article having an article surface, thereafter first processing the article surface to establish a first residual compressive stress state and a f...

  • Peening Apparatus and Method
  • Year: 2011, Source: US Patent, US 7,954,348 B2
  • A method of peening a surface which comprises the steps of providing a rotary peening tool having at least one rotating flap mounted on the drive shaft which is rotatably driven, measuring the speed o...

  • Measuring Intensity of Shot Peening in areas with difficult Accessibilty
  • Year: 2010, Source: US Patent 7,735,350 B2
  • Determining shot peening intensity by affixing a Almen test strip to a shot peening surface, removing the peened strip from the shot peening surface, measuring an arc height of the shot peened strip, ...

  • Dovetail Surface Enhancement for Durability
  • Year: 2009, Source: US Patent 7,516,547
  • A gas turbine engine blade having a dovetail with an enhanced surface for durability is disclosed. The blade includes an airfoil section and a dovetail section disposed opposite the airfoil section. T...

  • Method of Strengthening and Repairing Damaged Threads
  • Year: 2007, Source: Canadian Patent 2 127 062
  • A method of strengthening and repairing damaged threads. Firstly, remove metal buildup from the damaged threads. Secondly, peen the damaged threads using glass beads. The glass beads are not less than...

  • Method and Apparatus for Providing a Layer of Compressive Residual Stress in the Surface of a Part
  • Year: 2007, Source: US Patent 7,159,425 B2
  • ABSTRACT The shot peening method and apparatus (FIG 13) of the present invention utilizes control of the shot peening coverage to provide higher surface compression and comparable depth of compressio...

  • Method and Apparatus for Improveing Media Flow US Patent 7,291,058 B2
  • Year: 2007, Source: US Patent 7,291,058 B2
  • ABSTRACT The flow of media in shot peening, blast cleaning, and similar equipment is improved by applying a time varying magnetic field to the media to thereby degauss the media, allowing the media t...

  • Method for Manufacturing Improved Fatigue Life Structures, and Structures Made Via the Method
  • Year: 2006, Source: US Patent 7,131,310
  • A method for cold working metal structures. A compound indenter is used to produce deformation in a workpiece to provide a selected beneficial residual stress profile, to provide improved fatigue life...

  • Media Transport Device Providing Stable Flow of Media
  • Year: 2006, Source: US Patent 7,125,322 B1
  • ABSTRACT A media transport device for use in shot peening, blast cleaning, granite cutting, and similar applications transports media from a storage hopper to a workpiece. The media transport device ...

  • Shot Peening of Orthopaedic Implants for Tissue Adhesion
  • Year: 2006, Source: US Patnet 7,131,303 B1
  • ABSTRACT The portion of an orthopaedic implant to which soft tissue adherence is desired is treated by shot peening using microbead having a diameter in the range of about 10 microns-300 microns. Thi...

  • Method for Controlling Residual Stress in Prosthetics
  • Year: 2005, Source: US Patent 6,911,100
  • A method for producing predetermined internal stresses in a prosthetic device for implantation. The method includes first determining internal stresses which are preferred in prosthetics to instill a ...

  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerant Coil Spring
  • Year: 2004, Source: US Patent 6,811,149
  • Predetermined non-uniform residual compressive stress distributions are induced in the spring wire of metallic coil springs. The residual compressive stress tends to reduce deleterious effects of both...

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