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  • High-Hardness Shot Material for Shot Peening and Shot Peening Method
  • Year: 2016, Source: US Patent 9,458,529
  • A high hardness, high toughness and inexpensive shot material for shot peening is provided. The high-hardness shot material for shot peening comprises, in mass %, 5 to 8% of B; 0.05 to 1% of C; 0 to 2...

  • Method of Manufacturing a Gear
  • Year: 2016, Source: US Patent 9,457,451
  • The problem of the present invention involves providing a gear that has high tooth-root bending strength and for which there is no chipping of the tips of the teeth. Accordingly, the surface of the ge...

  • Surface Treatment of a Metal Part
  • Year: 2016, Source: US Patent 9,382,609
  • A process for the surface treatment of a metal part comprises: exposing a surface of the metal part to a stream of substantially spherical particles, so that any portion of said surface receives said ...

  • Apparatus for Forming Shot Ball
  • Year: 2016, Source: US Patent 9,333,626
  • The present invention provides an apparatus for forming a shot that can prevent a loss of shot in the process of forming and sorting the shot balls and can collect dust in a cyclone type that can stro...

  • Method for Setting Shot-Peening Process Condition
  • Year: 2016, Source: US Patent 9,289,880
  • A method for setting a shot-peening process condition includes a step of obtaining, for each of a plurality of peening conditions for a first combination as a combination of a shot peening processing ...

  • Sucker Rod
  • Year: 2016, Source: US Patent 9,278,412
  • The disclosure relates to the treatment of rods made of metal, particularly to the method of reclamation of used standard length rods, such as pump rods already used in the mechanical deep-pumping ext...

  • Method for Manufacturing Leaf Springs
  • Year: 2016, Source: US Patent 9,278,387
  • A method for producing a leaf spring having a leaf portion and an eye portion formed at the leaf portion including: forming a gap between a leading end of the eye and a facing surface facing the leadi...

  • Air-Type Shot-Treatment Machine
  • Year: 2016, Source: US Patent 9,248,547
  • The purpose of this invention is to reduce the changes in the conditions of the processing for projecting shots, and to downsize the air-type shot-treatment machine and simplify its structure. An air-...

  • Systems and Methods of Cavitation Peening a Workpiece
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,200,341
  • A method of cavitation peening a workpiece is provided. The method includes discharging a flow of fluid towards the workpiece at a pressure and a flow rate that facilitates forming a plurality of cavi...

  • Particulate Media Conveying Systems and Apparatuses
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,181,045
  • Novel systems and apparatuses for conveying particulate media are disclosed. One such system may include a conveying tank configured to receive media and push it out to a media distribution valve to b...

  • Shot-Treatment Apparatus
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,163,295
  • The present invention aims to provide a shot-treatment apparatus which allows a high throughput of workpieces with the least possible idle time while achieving a uniform shot-treatment effect on workp...

  • Surface Property Inspection Device and Surface Property Inspection Method
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,157,892
  • To provide a surface property inspection device and surface property inspection method with which the surface treatment condition of treated material such as steel subjected to such surface treatments...

  • Surface Treatment Machine
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,156,132
  • Disclosed herein is a surface treatment machine that enables the inhibition or reduction of residual abrasives that remain on a workpiece that has been surface treated. An H steel (a workpiece to be t...

  • Non-Contact Stress Measuring Device
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,128,063
  • Apparatus and methods for measuring stress or strain in a conductive material without physical contact with the material are provided. The device comprises an inductor circuit configured to induce an ...

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