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  • System for Electromagnetic Pulse Surface Treatment
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,125,243
  • A system and method for electromagnetic surface treatment of a work piece has an electromagnetic pulse generator and an electromagnetic pulse tool. The work piece has a working surface. A current puls...

  • Liquid Drop Peening Method and Apparatus Therefor
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,115,417
  • A method for peening a surface of a material is disclosed. The method may include producing repeated, separated and high speed liquid drops and moving the liquid drops across the surface to be peened....

  • Method for Shot-Peening and a Shot-Peening Machine
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,073,176
  • The cost for shot-peening is intended to be reduced. The method for shot-peening of the present invention comprises a first step for processing a work by shot-peening by projecting shots onto the work...

  • Method of Shot-Peening Treatment of Steel Product
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,056,386
  • The present invention aims to provide a method of shot-peening treatment that substantially improves the durability (particularly, heat check resistance) of the treated surface of the steel products i...

  • Method and Apparatus for Surface Enhancement
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,050,642
  • Systems and methods for generating beneficial residual stresses in a target material by generating cavitation shock waves through the use of a cavitation intensification conditioner. Shock waves emana...

  • Machine for Blasting Abrasives
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,039,491
  • The object of the present invention is to provide a machine for blasting abrasives that has a simple structure and that solves the problem of abrasives falling when the door for the gateway for the wo...

  • Boundary Layer Improvement of Plate Springs or Undulating Springs
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,003,850
  • A process for producing plate springs or undulating springs wherein surface regions which are subjected to tensile stresses when the spring is under load are provided with an internal compressive stre...

  • Method and Apparatus for Impacting Metal Parts for Aerospace Applications
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 8,997,545
  • An apparatus and method are provided for changing physical characteristics of a workpiece which may have been pre-loaded before being further processed. The workpiece is supported in a fixed position ...

  • Method and Device for the Surface Peening of a Partial Element of a Component of a Gas Turbine
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 8,943,659
  • A method and device for the surface peening, especially ultrasonic shot-peening, of at least one partial element of a component of a gas turbine, is disclosed. The partial element, e.g., a sealing fin...

  • Dimple-Forming Burnishing Tool
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 8,931,320
  • A dimple-forming burnishing tool allowing easy adjustment of a dimple shape is provided. The dimple-forming burnishing tool has a mandrel attached on a rear-end side thereof to a processing machine fo...

  • Device and Method for the Surface Peening of a Component of a Gas Turbine
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 8,931,318
  • A device for surface-peening, especially for the ultrasound shot-peening of a component of a gas turbine, having at least one vibration means that comprises a surface that propels the peening material...

  • Shot Peening Flow Rate Control
  • Year: 2015, Source: US Patent 9,126,305 B2
  • A shot peening flow rate control that is useful for non-ferrous shot peening media. The control has an inlet for receiving media and an orifice through which the media may pass that is in communicatio...

  • Method for Shot Peening and a Machine Therefor
  • Year: 2013, Source: US Patent 8,375,757 B2
  • A method for shot peening wherein the work is processed by being hit by shot materials that are shot by compressed air, and a machine for carrying out the method are provided. By the present invent...

  • Manufacturing Method for Coil Spring
  • Year: 2013, Source: US Patent 8,607,605
  • A spring wire is subjected to a first shot peening process and a second shot peening process. In the first shot peening process, a first shot is projected on the spring wire at a first projectile spee...

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