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  • Method for Producing Helical Springs
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,022,427
  • A method of manufacturing helical springs from steel wire. The springs' skin is thermomechanically hardened by shot peening the unstressed springs followed by thermally destressing them, and shot peen...

  • Process for Increasing the Lifespan of Dental Components
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,012,316
  • With a view to increasing the lifespan of metallic dental components as regards fatigue fractures, compressive stresses are introduced into the surface layer of these components, such as by means of s...

  • Ductile Iron Vehicle Hub and Method for Producing Same
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,009,980
  • An improved ductile iron vehicle hub and method for producing the same wherein the method includes the steps of (a) providing a vehicle hub formed from ductile iron and including a generally axially e...

  • Centrifugal Blasting Apparatus
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,126,516
  • A centrifugal blasting apparatus is configured to deliver friable media without destroying a large percentage of the delivered media. The centrifugal blasting apparatus includes a compressed air feed ...

  • Method For A Surface Treatment of Metallic Product
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,038,900
  • The present invention relates to a method for a surface treatment of a metallic product. In this method, by conducting one step of injecting mixture shots including at least two types of shots compris...

  • Method of Making Surface-Hardened Metal Shot
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,018,854
  • When a shot having a hardness equal to or higher than a ferrous or nonferrous metal shot material is blasted against the surface of the metal shot material at a blasting speed of 80 m/s or above, the ...

  • Rotatable Blast Cleaning Conveying Surface and Apparatus
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,062,956
  • A blast cleaning apparatus is provided having a rotatable conveying surface preferably comprising wire mesh. Workpieces are conveyed through the blast cleaning chamber on the rotating conveying surfa...

  • Apparatus for Increasing the Surface Strength of Metal Components
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,058,584
  • A casing has a processing chamber and a drying chamber defined therein by a partition mechanism. The processing chamber houses an impelling mechanism for impelling a mixed stream of glass beads and w...

  • Particle Blasting Nozzle
  • Year: 2000, Source: US Patent 6,012,975
  • A particle blasting nozzle has a nozzle body having an outlet opening and a suction connection with an acceleration tube extending at least partly within the nozzle body. The front end of the accelera...

  • Method and Equipment for Surface-Hardening Treatment of Steel Balls for a Ball Bearing
  • Year: 1999, Source: US Patent 5,950,469
  • An apparatus for surface-hardening steel balls includes a container having projections protruding inwardly from and extending longitudinally along an inner wall; a support shaft having projections ext...

  • Apparatus And Method For Measuring The Mass Flow Of Pneumatically Conveyed Particles
  • Year: 1999, Source: US Patent 5,882,149
  • ABSTRACT An apparatus (10) is disclosed for measuring the mass flow of pneumatically conveyed particles along a transport tube 14. The apparatus includes a fluidized bed of the particles 16 and an ap...

  • Particle Supply Valve For Use In Blasting Apparatus
  • Year: 1999, Source: US Patent 5,897,427
  • A blasting apparatus has two or more pressured tanks and a switching member for selecting one of the pressured tanks from which particles are to be fed to an ejection portion, thereby which enabling a...

  • Pneumatic Suction Surface Blasting Apparatus With An Improved Media Delivery Regulating System
  • Year: 1999, Source: US Patent 5,947,800 September 7, 1999
  • An apparatus for cleaning or treating by blasting of a surface which includes an enhanced media delivery regulating system which includes supplying high pressure air to a suction gun and using this to...

  • Method for Producing a Diaphragm Spring
  • Year: 1999, Source: US Patent 5,868,022
  • The invention relates to a method for producing a diaphragm spring where only specific portions of the diaphragm spring are subjected to a shot-peening process. The shot-peening step is performed only...

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