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  • Oscillating Blast Cleaner
  • Year: 1998, Source: US Patent 5,730,646
  • The cleaning apparatus of the invention consists of a blast machine mounted on a support structure for oscillating motion relative thereto. In one embodiment, the blast machine consists of a blast whe...

  • Friction Boring Process for Aluminum Alloys
  • Year: 1998, Source: US Patent 5,725,698
  • A friction boring process creates a corrosion resistant fine grain microstructure in the wall surfaces of holes bored in aluminum alloy materials. A rotating tool is inserted directly into the aluminu...

  • Magnetic Field Generation in Ferromagnetic Metal Objects
  • Year: 1998, Source: US Patent 5,744,954
  • A novel test method enables physical properties in ferromagnetic metals to be more reliably measured with induced eddy current flow. An adverse Barkhausen effect is prevented during the test measurem...

  • Method Of Preventing Abrasion At Sliding Portion Of Metal-Product
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,592,840
  • ABSTRACT By shot-peening, shots having almost spherical shape are impacted against a surface of a portion of a metal-product, the portion being one which is to be subjected to sliding action. The sho...

  • Dry Tape Covered Laser Shock
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,674,328
  • A method of laser shock peening a metallic part by firing a laser on a laser shock peening surface of the part which has been adhesively covered by tape having an ablative medium, preferably a self ad...

  • High Pressure Water Jet Apparatus for Preparing Low Density Metallic Surface for Application of a Coating Material
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,626,674
  • The method of treating the surfaces of malleable light metal cylinder bores or other objects by blasting the surfaces with extremely high water jets for preparing such surfaces for subsequent coating ...

  • Method and Apparatus for Cutting Stone Based Material
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,598,832
  • The present invention is concerned with a method and an apparatus for cutting a stone based material of which product can conveniently be used in the form of a tile or the like employable for construc...

  • Apparatus for Straightening a Cylindrical Member
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,737,957
  • An apparatus for straightening a cylindrical member having an imperfection. An imperfection detector is used to lacate the imperfecton. A plasma torcy is used to heat a portion of the cylindrical memb...

  • Blasting Method and Apparatus
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,876,267
  • A blasting apparatus and a blasting method enable a processing pattern to be enlarged or modified in a suction type blasting apparatus by using a relatively simple compositon, and also permit stable, ...

  • Eddy Current Test Method for Residual Stress in Non-Ferromagnetic Metal Objects
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,610,515
  • A novel test method enabling residual stress in non-ferromagnetic metal objects to be reliably measured which requires particular circuit elements in the alternating current bridge circuit being emplo...

  • Peening Article with Peening Particles Arranged to Minimize Tracking
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,619,877
  • A peening particle support having a plurality of asymmetrically arranged peening particles positioned to minimize tracking on a workpiece. The peening particles are attached to an exposed surface of ...

  • Air/Abrasive Mixing Device
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,605,497
  • A device for mixing compressed air and abrasive and providing the air/abrasive mixture to a delivery gun for use in artistic abrasive blasting. The device is provided with a vessel having an upper ch...

  • Abrasive Blasting Gun
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,605,496
  • A device for use with artistic sandblasting. The device is a hand held gun which recieves and air/abrasive mixture via a flexible tube which enters the gun through a rear end of the gun. The tube ex...

  • Blast Media with Defoarmers
  • Year: 1997, Source: US Patent 5,605,491
  • A blast media for use in wet blasting to clean contaminants from a substrate surface comprises abrasive particles, at least one surfactant and a defoaming agent so as to reduce the amount of foam whic...

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