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  • Manufacturing Sequence for Fabrication of High-Strength Steel Parts
  • Year: 1984, Source: SAE: ARP 1631
  • This document establishes the requirements for the sequencing of processes relating to parts fabricated from 300M ro 4340 modifies steel heat treated to, or to be heat treated to 270,000 psi (1,860 MP...

  • Procedures for Using Standard Shot Peening Test
  • Year: 1984, Source: SAE: J 443 Jan84
  • This SAE Recommended Practice provides uniform procedure for using the standard shot peening test strips in SAE Standard J442, Test Strip, Holder and Gage for Shot Peening. Descriptors: Shot peening...

  • Metallic Shot And Grit Mechanical Testing
  • Year: 1984, Source: SAE: J 445 Aug84
  • This report is intended to provide users and producers of metallic shot and grit with general information on methods of mechanically testing metal abrasives in the laboratory. Descriptors: Grit; Shot...

  • Aluminum Alloy 2024, Plate and Sheet
  • Year: 1983, Source: QQ-A-250/4E INTERIM AMENDMENT (superseding amendment-1, Oct 22, 1974)
  • The interim amendment was developed by the Naval Air Systems Command, Department of the Navy, Washington, DC 20361, based upon current available technical information. It is recommended that Federal ...

  • Shot Peening AMS 2430 J
  • Year: 1982, Source: SAE: AMS 2430 J Rev. 01/1982
  • This specification covers the engineering requirements for peening surfaces of parts by impingement of metallic shot or glass beads....

  • Federal Specification Sheet Aluminum Alloy 6061, Plate And Sheet
  • Year: 1982, Source: QQ-A-250/11F (Superseding QQ-A-250/11E Aug. 27, 1971)
  • This specification covers the specific requirements for aluminum alloy 6061 plate and sheet....

  • Surface Rolling and Other Methods for Mechanical Prestressing of Metals - SAE J811 AUG81
  • Year: 1981, Source: SAE: J 811 Aug81
  • 1.1 INTRODUCTION: The word "prestressing" implies that a stress is applied prior to service. for the pruposes of this discussion this is a true but insufficient, definition. It must be extended to s...

  • Commercial Item Description Grain, Abrasive (Soft Blasting)
  • Year: 1981, Source: A-A-1722

  • Magnesium Alloys, Anodic Treatment Of
  • Year: 1981, Source: MIL-M-45202C
  • This specification covers the requirements for equipment, materials and procedures to be used in anodic treatments of magnesium base alloys for the purpose of increasing their corrosion resistance or ...

  • Glass Beads: For Cleaning And Peening, amend 2
  • Year: 1980, Source: MIL-G-9954A, Amend. 2
  • This specification covers glass beads to be used with pressure/suction type blasting equipment....

  • Calibration Systems Requirements
  • Year: 1980, Source: MIL-STD-45662 (Superseding MIL-C-45662A Feb. 9, 1962)
  • 10 June 1980 This standard provides for the establishment and maintenance of a calibration system to control the accuracy of the measuring and test equipment used to assure that supplies and services...

  • Abrasive Materials, for Blasting
  • Year: 1979, Source: MIL-A-21380B Amendment 1 1979
  • This amendment forms a part of Military Specification MIL-A-21380B, dated 15 July 1965, and is approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense....

  • Test Strip, Holder and Gage for Shot Peening
  • Year: 1979, Source: SAE: J 442 Aug79
  • This SAE Standard is supplemental by an SAE Recommended Practice, Procedures for Using Standard Shot Peening Test Strip, SAE J443. Outline of Method of Control--The control of a peening machine ope...

  • Steel Grit, Shot, And Cut Wire Shot; And Iron Grit And Shot-blast Cleaning And Peening
  • Year: 1979, Source: MIL-S-851C Amendment
  • This amendment forms a part of Military Specification MIL-S-851C, 30 May 72....

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