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  • Standard Test Methods for Rockwell Hardness and Rockwell Superficial Hardness of Metallic Materials
  • Year: 1992, Source: ASTM: E 18
  • These test methods cover the determination of the Rockwell hardness and the Rockwell superficial hardness of metallic materials, including methods for the verificaiton of machines for Rockwell hardnes...

  • Military Specification Plastic Media, for Removal of Organic Coating
  • Year: 1992, Source: MIL-P-85891A plus AMENDMENT 1
  • This spedification covers six types of plastic media used for removal of organic coatings in an abrasive blast operation....

  • Nondestructive Testing Personnel Qualification and Certification
  • Year: 1991, Source: MIL-STD-410E, 25 January 1991
  • 1. SCOPE 1.1 Purpose. This standard establishes the minimum requirements for the qualification and certification for personnel involved in the application of nondestructive inspection (NDI) or nondes...

  • Abrasive Materials, for Blasting
  • Year: 1991, Source: MIL-A-21380B Notice 1 1991
  • MIL-A-21380G (1), dated 15 August 1979, has been reviewed and determined to be valid for use in acquisition....

  • Shot Peening of Metal Parts
  • Year: 1991, Source: MIL-S-13165C Amendment 1
  • 27 November 1991 Page 16 Footnote 4/: Add to the second sentence for better clarification the following: "Unless otherwise specified on the drawing or in the contract, the peening intensity shall ...

  • SAE Manual on Shot Peening
  • Year: 1991, Source: SAE: HS-84 rev 3 Sep 1991
  • This manual on shot peening is intended to be a practical aid to engineers, designers and operators in the shop and points out some of the posibilities and some of the limitations of the process....

  • Low Carbon Steel Shot
  • Year: 1991, Source: SAE: J 2175 Jun91
  • 1. Scope - This SAE Recommended Practice describes chemical analysis, hardness, microstructure, and physical characteristic requirements for low carbon cast steel shot to be used for shot peening of b...

  • Cast Shot And Grit Size Specifications For Peening And Cleaning
  • Year: 1991, Source: SAE: J 444 Aug84
  • Revised Proposed Draft Superseding J444 AUG 84 - This SAE Recommended Practice pertains to blast cleaning and shot peening and provides for standard cast shot and grit size numbers. For shot, this nu...

  • Standard Practices for Sampling Finished Lots of Metal Powders
  • Year: 1990, Source: ASTM: B 215-90
  • Scope: 1.1 These practices cover two procedures for selecting representative samples of metal powders for subsequent testing: 1.1.1 Practice A - For powders in the process of being packaged from ble...

  • Steel Grit, Shot and Cut Wire Shot, and Iron Grit and Shot Blast Cleaning and Peening - Amendment 1
  • Year: 1990, Source: MIL-S-851D Amendment 1
  • 2.2.2:delete QQ-W-423 Wire, Steel, Corrosion Resisting 2.2: ADD Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc SAE J441 Cut wire shot, recommended practice...

  • Shot Peening, Computer Monitored
  • Year: 1990, Source: SAE: AMS 2432
  • This specification establishes the engineering requirements for computer monitored peening of surfaces of parts. To induce, through cold working, a surface layer that is residually stressed in compre...

  • Shot Peening Of Aircraft Components
  • Year: 1990, Source: NAVAIRINST 4870.2, AIR-536A, June 4, 1990
  • Purpose is to establish and implement a policy for the application of shot peening in the manufacture and rework of aircraft components. This instruction applies to all peening operations used to enh...

  • Cast Steel Shot
  • Year: 1990, Source: SAE: J 827 Mar90
  • This SAE Recommended Practice describes chemical analysis, hardness, microstructure and physical characteristic requirements for cast steel shot to be used for shot peening or blast cleaning operation...

  • Commercial Item Despciption Steel Grit
  • Year: 1989, Source: A-A-1041B

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